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ILP classes are designed to be convenient for working as well as supported students. Classes are usually scheduled for evenings and weekends where convenient for the cohort.

Students are assigned to cohorts based on a balance between availability in a given cohort and indicated preference of students during the application process. (Individualized classes are scheduled at the convenience of the student and the instructor but must meet the minimum participation requirements for the program.)

The exact schedule of classes and the electronic credentials needed for online access are provided to students in their Admissions Package.

  • ILP courses each run for 6 months (24 weeks).
  • EPP cohorts typically start the first (working) Monday of every month.
  • Registration for new ILP cohorts closes 1 month in advance of the start date. (For instance, students who want to participate in an ILP program starting in January need to be registered by the end of November.) This is to ensure proper planning and management of cohort sizes.
  • ILP classes typically meet online twice a week; registered students have access to study and test material on the online platform every day of the week.
  • Special classes for organizations, groups or associations may be arranged outside of this standing schedule. (For group schedules, send email to )