This program is designed to accomplish four things:

  • Teach students the fundamentals of instrumentation, data acquisition, instrument controls and automation across a wide variety of sectors and industries to support scientific, industrial, technological  and commercial applications.
  • Teach students the hardware and software applications that support many commercial offerings in the market today.
  • Provide students the tools to objectively evaluate their instrumentation and data acquisition needs with a view to developing in-house solutions to meet those needs.
  • Give students the practical skills—and tactile experience—of developing and programming robust and industrial-grade data acquisition, control and instrumentation algorithms using commonly available software.

The course will be based on the use of (the ubiquitous) Microsoft EXCEL® as the primary platform for data acquisition and control instead of the highly proprietary and expensive software platforms offered by many commercial vendors.

The Aquaculture Enterprise Development program offers two training courses. The 6-month Certificate in Aquaculture Operations trains people to become proficient in the technical aspects of aquaculture operation. This is in contrast to the 3-month Certificate in Aquaculture Entrepreneurship which provides graduates the means to start and operate aquaculture enterprises.

This 6-month program is designed to support students to develop thriving export enterprises. The program supports students to accomplish three things: (a) Explore and understand foreign markets with a focus on the preferences of foreign consumers and the expectations of foreign buyers.  (b) Learn how to develop and improve products to meet those expectations. (c) Package, ship and ACTUALLY sell those products in the indicated foreign markets for a profit. The program is designed to assist students practically through the entire process on the way to earning a Certificate in Export Development.