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You may be retired but you're certainly NOT tired!

Retirees, adult, and mature students need to keep acquiring and developing new skills for their personal growth. This is good for their mental, emotional, psychological (and physical!) well-being. The IDMANN Program In Lifelong Learning (PLL) focuses on providing some of those additional skills to adult and more mature students. IDMANN PLL modules are highly flexible and are purely for personal interest and development. Classes are held in very small groups (with the option for one-on-one instruction) and are scheduled primarily around the convenience of the participants. PLL is the program where older students can pursue their interests without the pressure of academic evaluation (or unwanted peer pressure). Participants learn at their own pace and for their leisure.

An important component of the Program for Lifelong Learning is that it emphasizes the social connections and personal relationships fostered during the program events. PLL endeavors to bring together retirees and mature students from different cultures and diverse backgrounds to share the experience of pursuing these common interests. By forming these diverse and integrated classes, students achieve expanded horizons and a broadened worldview, all from the safety of their homes (which may include retirement communities and assisted-living homes). IDMANN PLL supports participants in many countries where the language of instruction is English.

IDMANN PLL complements the normal program offered to retirees, residents of retirement homes and assisted-living communities.  (Families seeking tutorial support for their YOUNG children should refer to the IDMANN Cooperative Parents' Alliance (CPA) or the IDMANN Private Tutor Program (PTP).)

This online program engages participants several times a week (subject to scheduling and availability requirements of the participants). Participants meet in small online groups (typically <10) under the guidance of well trained and experienced instructors in the various subject areas. Classes are held in our secure online classrooms that are specifically designed for teaching and learning. The program is designed to provide well paced, stimulating engagement for the adult participants.

Participants are required to pick modules from each personal development track (PDT). The three PDTs are: professional, personal, and cultural. Special programs are available for individuals that need specialized support in the indicated modules.  They are outlined below.




Professional Development


Personal Development


Cultural Development


   Yoga, Exercise & Physical Fitness      
Use of Computers & The Internet Digital Art International Language Practicum     (Students can choose from  languages offered in the International Language Program, subject to availability) 
Public Speaking Fashion, Personal Style & Garment Making Music (Piano or Saxophone)  
Creative Writing Cooking, Food & Nutrition Photography     
Technical Writing Gardening & Horticulture Digital Animation     
Research Methods   Construction, Open Spaces & The Built Environment Film-Making & Motion Picture Development     
 Web Design Electrical, Electronic & Digital Technologies  Solid Modeling & 3-D Printing