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Classes are organized for the convenience of participant groups on weekdays (in the time zone for the given cohort) and on Saturdays (typically mornings). Cohorts meet for 2-3 hours during the week and on weekends. Classes are held in LIVE, interactive online sessions led by highly experienced instructors. To ensure that the experience is not tedious, students have at least a 15-minute break after each one-hour block. Students are expected to return in a timely manner after each break as the classes are programmed for a hard-stop at the end of the allotted time. Students are assigned to cohorts based on a balance between availability and indicated level of proficiency in the chosen module. For language classes, the selections indicated at the time of registration will be the primary driver for assignment to a cohort.


The following scheduling information is helpful for intending participants:

  • Registration is on a rolling basis year-round.
  • Participants start classes when their cohort is formed.
  • Participants will be invited to an orientation session to ensure that all technical and operational issues are addressed prior to the start of the program.
  • Participants with special needs are welcome to IDMANN Program In Lifelong Learning. We are happy to provide reasonable accommodations for participants with special needs even outside of this indicated window. Caregivers may send an email to . to discuss the special needs of intending participants and how we might be able to assist in creating the least restrictive learning environment for the participant.
  • Special classes for organizations, groups or associations may be arranged outside of this standing schedule. (For group schedules, send email to .)