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 The Aquaculture Enterprise program is for those who wish to run a fish farm as a business. It assumes NO knowledge of aquaculture on the part of registrants beyond the interest and desire to be a successful aquaculture entrepreneur.

The course starts with each registrant being given a Fish-Farm-In-A-Box[TM](FFBX). The FFBX was developed by Aquada Development Corporation and is literally a fish farm in a box. It contains everything (except the fingerlings) needed to start a fish farm in one’s home or backyard or small space.

The FFBX provides the template for a fast-paced training experience from absolute novice to confident fish farm operator. Students start their training experience by setting up their individual fish farms in a box. Each student receives the FFBX at the beginning of the course and begins setting up their business enterprise from the end of that first week.

The course fee includes the FFBX itself (shipping charges not included) which includes 1000 fingerlings and everything else needed to set up the fish farm (except for access to running water which students have to provide in their residence or intended place of installation). To that end, as students get into class, they begin their aquaculture enterprise from the first day. They learn as their fish (and the associated needs) grow. Students learn from highly experienced instructors and also share experiences as a cohort. These shared experiences serve the students during and upon completion of the course.