Article Index

Introduction To Fish Farming

  • Objectives of aquaculture
  • Importance of aquaculture
  • Types of aquaculture

Site Selection  for Aquaculture

  • Factors to be considered in selecting a site for a fish farm

Pond Preparation

  • Fundamentals of fish culture facilities
  • Pond conditioning (pond cleaning/clearing)
  • Lining and fertilization of ponds
  • Practicum on conditioning of ponds

>> Delivery of FFBX to participants


Pond Stocking

  • Selection of fish for stocking
  • Transportation of fish
  • Time/Stocking rate
  • Acclimatization of fish in a pond
  • First feeding/fish behavior


Fish Feed & Feeding

  • Types of feed in aquaculture
  • On-farm fish feed formulation
  • Fish size and feed size
  • Feeding frequency and feeding rate
  • Practicum on feed identification and selection

>> Delivery of fingerlings (fish seed) and feed to trainees

Pond Management & Maintenance

  • Pond desilting
  • Weeding & GMP
  • Sorting of fish
  • Use of instruments in pond management
  • Practicum in fish sorting and management

Fish Diseases & Prevention

  • Types and causes of fish diseases
  • Prevention and control of fish diseases

Water Quality Management

  • Water quality parameters
  • Water quality measurement, instrumentation and control

Fish Harvesting

  • Factors to be considered in harvesting of fish
  • Fishing gear/implements/tools
  • Fish processing and storage
  • Restocking of fish

 Record Keeping in Aquaculture

  • Importance of record keeping in fish farming
  • Kinds of record keeping in aquaculture
  • Data analysis & decision making

Fish Farm Economics

  • Marketing of fish
  • Economic analysis of fish farms
  • Economic modeling of the aquaculture enterprise

>> Delivery of grow-out fish feed